Week #7: Birthday

March 4, 2018


Hi all,

I’m currently hanging out at Lauren’s house in Colorado, relaxing / decompressing from a pretty hard day of skiing.

Lauren is one of my closer friends in my Boston / ski friends group — we met a few years ago outside her house at 6am on a Saturday morning. Andrew and I were heading to the mountain and she wanted to come with. From that point forward we picked her up every Saturday for skiing. We’ve become very close friends by then, and have traveled the world together. She took a year sabbatical right before I went remote; she would always meet me in whatever country I went over to, then jet off to do a bit of bouncing around before meeting me at the next country.

She’s from Colorado, so we’re staying at her house for a few days before driving over to stay at our friend Skye’s house in Aspen for some more skiing. We don’t have the house in Vermont for March so everyone headed out west. Today was day one of skiing, we skied Loveland Mountain with Lauren, Andrew, Lara and Laurens parents. Laurens dad is a retired ski instructor at Loveland, so he got us free passes and showed us the mountain. He can definitely rip it down the mountain!

The highlight of my week was most definitely my birthday on Friday. It was just a very well rounded day — nothing extraordinary or spectacular, no once-in-a-lifetime moments. But it went as perfectly as a normal day could go, which was extraordinary in itself.

I went salsa dancing earlier this week, which brought back memories of my time in Medellin. The clientele was a bit different in Boston — in Colombia you have the locals that are just moving to the sound of the music, a live band blaring music in a dark dance bar late into the night. In Boston you have an eclectic group of MIT / Harvard young adults exploring a hobby by hobbling through the steps in a fluorescent lit dance studio. I probably am a closer fit to the latter, but it was always fun to pretend to a part of the former.

I managed to publish a financial report for my company that I’ve been honing for the past two months. It reports on financial variances that occur during purchasing and invoicing. The only thing that was really exciting about this project was how hard it was to actually do.

Unfortunately with the focus on ‘work’ work, I made almost no progress on the A.I work. I wrote a predictive model using a machine learning library (off-the-shelf programming tools), but decided to write the model from scratch as well. If I’m going to be the worlds best A.I engineer, got to cut my teeth on this stuff!

Andrew has been talking about the possibilities of getting a full time job at a tech company. We’ve spent so much of our time over these years focused around starting a company doing something incredibly meaningful, it seems like the window of opportunity for that to happen is slowly slipping away.

Anyways, I’ve got a solid week of skiing ahead of me. I’ll catch up with you next week.