Week #14: A Consulting Meeting in Boston

April 22, 2018

Hi all,

Made it back to Boston last night from the ski house. Perhaps the first time I drove home on a Sunday night. Turns out I left my computer charger here so I had to come back, but also Sugarbush is now closed for the week, so not too much of a reason to stay up there.

Most of the week was spent in Boston — I worked a bit at home with Andrew and a bit at CIC with Andrew and Melissa. On Thursday we went to a venture cafe night and ended up talking for a bit with Flavia (Our friend who lives in the South End — I wrote earlier about one of her thursday parties at her house with us and her friends from Spain). It was funny seeing flavia walk through the crowded Venture Cafe office-bar, because tailing her were her two bosses (two Seans), who both looked important but since they were behind her it somehow made her look a bit regal. Andrew and I have met both her bosses on several occasions — the first time being at a Tokyo Venture Cafe pitch in the Seaport, where Tokyo startups pitched to Boston investors on this enormous projector screen (which made them look a bit like overlords).

Anyways we all caught up, talked a bit about starting businesses in Puerto Rico, eventually finished our beers and they left for dinner. The next day Flavia asked if we wanted to meet with Sean because he may have a project for us to work on. First consulting gig here we come! We met back at CIC on Friday, and he talked about a client of his down in Florida who wants to automate the financial discounting done on certain bills. Right now someone manually looks through these bills and marks discounts based on certain things. He wanted to see if we can have the whole thing automated, which we said we’d be happy to look into for him. Hopefully that will lead to something lucrative.

Back to Thursday at Venture Cafe, Andrew left early to meet with this guy a mutual friend recommended. Turns out this guy has been working on a relationship app with similar ideas to ours, so since meeting him all three of us have been collaborating a bit and sharing ideas. We had a long two hour conversation with him on the car ride up to Vermont on Friday, and hashed out some cool proposals.

I was reading my daily tech news earlier this week when an article about a startup called “Sharpest Minds” popped up. This company is seeking to connect data scientists and A.I engineers and facilitate a network where you can collaborate, find mentor or mentor, and get connected with potential job opportunities. But, you have to take a somewhat difficult exam on Machine Learning. Fortunately, I passed and now I have a technical interview at the end of the week. Will probably spend most of this week polishing my past work.

This weekend up at the ski house was fun as always. Our friend Whitney invited four friends, all who were from different friends group (none of them knew each other). So it was cool because they all were technically solo-ing it up to the ski house, not knowing anyone aside from Whitney, but they made up half of the people who actually went to the sno house so everyone was super friendly and in a get-to-know-each-other kind of mood. The snow on Saturday was great, the weather was warm and the sun was out. Even near the end of April, there was enough snow in the woods to ski trees from top to bottom. Since my boot buckle broke, I’ve been borrowing Tysons gear, which definitely doesn’t fit me. I’m really considering buying a new pair of boots that fit me super well — even my old boots have packed out a bit, so they don’t really hold my heel in place any more. It would set me back a bit but since there’s a high chance of me being a ski bum again out in Tahoe next year, it might be worth it.

Anyways that’s probably enough for now, until next week.