Week #17: The Last S Whitney St Weekend

May 13, 2018


It was just past 4am, and I was sitting on the aged leather couch in our Swhitney living room. A small handful of friends, steadfast in continuing the final get together, were caught up in nostalgic conversations. Steve, sandwiched between me and Andrew on the couch, racked his mind trying to recall his earliest memory his times at Swhitney. We’ve had the house since college; Steve has probably been to every one of our get togethers. I understood his difficulty; There is a defining characteristic to our house, and that consistency seems to make the memories blend together. But I think this turns out to be a really great quality, because last night’s party felt just as amazingly great as every single one we’ve had before, even with a few years in between. I asked Andrew what was his first memory of Swhitney. It didn’t take him more than a second to recall objectively the earliest memory of Swhitney. We were struggling to move in the couch we sat on. Senior year of college, we picked up an oversized leather couch from our friend down the street and were trying to squeeze it through the back door. A poignant memory, because Brandon slapped me in frustration. Brandon drove down from Nahant to join the party, but didn’t stick around long enough to revel in old memories with us.


Swhitney-boys take 2

Come Wednesday morning I will be moving out of Swhitney and Boston for the indefinite future. This weekend marks the last weekend living in Boston, and it was spent participating in a bike party through Boston, hanging with my mom, hosting a final gathering at the Swhitney household, and a trip over to Somerville for the annual Porch-fest event.

Andrew and I were sitting on our dining room table, in the middle of our afternoon Friday work session when Mike walked in the door. He took a bus up from New York City and surprised us with a visit for the weekend. He fired up his own laptop, and we hammered away at the keyboards until Christina showed up in our driveway, yelling at us to join her for the bike party. We all closed our laptops, snagged our bikes and refreshments and hit the Boston streets. We joined about a hundred other bikers on a jaunt through the city.

biking through town

My mom flew into Boston Saturday Morning. I cleaned out the car of all the stuff I still had from living in the Snow House in Vermont, ran over to the airport and picked her up around 9:30am.

It was a rainy morning driving back from the Airport. Mom and I swung back to Swhitney to pick up Mike and Andrew for a breakfast at Veggie Galaxy up in Central Square. Veggie Galaxy is vegetarian diner that serves pretty traditional pit-stop diner food but without the meat. I got some weird fried not-chicken thing with biscuits and poached eggs. Andrew got two kids menu items. Smart move, because he got pancakes eggs and hashbrowns for less than a regular meal.

After breakfast we dropped Mike and Andrew off at the house and walked over to the Museum of Fine Arts. We checked out some Monets, some cubism Picasso, an exhibit of modern art. I think I like modern art the most.

We went to a somewhat new local Thai-Japanese restaurant down the street from my house, called ‘Laughing Monk’. The sushi chef there is actually pretty amazing, I think the spot is a bit of a hidden gem. We had some vietnamese style spring rolls, two rolls of sushi and we split some pad thai. After we finished up dinner, we walked over to the car, drove 15 minutes to the airport and I dropped my mom back off to fly home. I think it’s pretty cool to be able to do a day trip to a city 500 miles away.

This past Thursday was also my last Venture Cafe. I worked the bar from 3-5pm, then broke off with Jonas, a friend of mine at Venture Cafe, Andrew Wilson and Andrew Takao to have a brainstorming meeting about starting a consulting company. I think it makes a lot of sense to start getting paid to build Machine Learning Projects, so we’re going to try to legitimize the work we are doing by creating a company image and finding clients. I won’t go into more details about it, because the idea is still in its infancy, but if you know of anyone that needs the help of expert data scientists and mobile app developers, please recommend them to Acclimate Consulting (TM).

There’s definitely a few more things to talk about, but it’s getting a bit late so unfortunately this letter will be without a resolution. Instead, here’s to a to be continued…